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Chemical poisoning is caused by over exposure to chemicals, which leads to severe bodily harm, such as liver damage. The two most common sources of chemical poisoning are exposure to household chemicals or to chemicals at the workplace.


  • Skin rashes
  • Boils
  • Damage to major organs like the kidney or liver

Contact a physician immediately if chemical poisoning is suspected.

You May Try:  
Liv.52 protects against environmental and heavy metal contamination. The drug fortifies the body against chemical poisons and normalizes hematological and biochemical parameters. It also protects the kidneys from harmful chemicals. Liv.52 acts as an antitoxin, which helps in eliminating contaminants from the body.

Purim is an effective blood detoxifier that eliminates circulating toxins from the body. Purim’s hepatostimulant property helps in the improvement of liver function and the removal of toxic metabolic products in various systemic and skin infections.